A branding and design project, focused on supporting users with limited dexterity while they are carrying out everyday household tasks.

As part of a Year 1 Design module, I designed a simple, easy to use reach-extender for those with limited dexterity. This design was part of a set of five products, that as a group we had to design to address the same overarching user-centred problem. Each product focused on a different touchpoint that we had identified from our user research. My particular area of focus was in designing and prototyping my own concept, but also graphically representing the project as a whole. I designed the logo, branding and colour scheme to invoke feelings of reassurance, confidence and ease of use.

I learnt that not only is it important to have a well-defined concept, but the marketing, branding and business model needs to be robust enough to support the production and development of the concept right through to manufacture.

The individual portfolio that I produced for this project is displayed below.

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