Graphic Design

A series of graphic design examples, many produced for individual, one-off projects or as part of a portfolio.

Healthy Behaviours - Nestlé

For this project, visual and graphic communication was paramount. The portfolio had to be concise, but still contain a clear brief, evidence of and conclusions from research, and then ideation and demonstration of final deliverables. I used InDesign and Illustrator to create an eye-catching and clean portfolio design, which allowed us as a group to highlight clearly project milestones and the underlying design process.

Year 1 Design Project 1 - Nestlé Healthy Behaviours Propositions

Sony TR-610 Storyboard

This short graphics project helped develop a clear storyboarding style, which is masisvely important when communicating the function or flow of use of a product. I find the simple flat lines & colours design to be very visually appealing, and use this style in a lot of my projects and portfolios.

Year 1 Communication in Design - Graphical Storyboarding
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