Technical Drawings

A collection of Technical Drawings produced using SolidWorks, showcasing the detail for many both conceptual and physically realised projects.

Many of the projects I have worked on have required a very high level of technical detail in order to be produced. The most effective method for communicating this is using CAD and producing Technical Drawings. Whether a conceptual exercise or one-off piece, I always push myself to design and communicate the concept as if it was being mass manufactured by a third party.

Gizmo Assembly Drawing

Also displayed in the project section, this large scale assembly drawing details the final design, highlighting all relevant components and sub-assemblies. I learnt the importance of effective layout and space optimisation, attempting to fit and clearly display a complex mechanical design on a single page.

Year 2 Gizmo - General Assembly Drawing

Kazoo Recreation

We were given a physical kazoo, and were required to model it as closely as possible using SolidWorks.

Year 1 Communication in Design - Kazoo Technical Drawing
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